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mark fantasia

Actor • Writer • Director


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Mark studied acting at Flinders University Drama Centre in South Australia. Since graduating, he has worked on stage and in both film and television. In 2008 he was named the Helpmann Academy’s Most Outstanding Arts Graduate for his work both on stage and screen. He was a founding member of award winning Adelaide based theatre company Accidental Productions. The company won Best Ensemble in the 2009 season for their Australian Premiere of Worlds End, in which Mark played the lead.


In 2012 Mark moved to Los Angeles and studied with renowned acting coach Ivana Chubbuck. He also trained at UCB and with numerous casting professionals. In the US he has worked in film and television and now divides his time between both Australia and the United States. Between jobs, Mark is actively involved in an ensemble of LA based professional actors that meet weekly and perform staged readings of film and television scripts currently in development. These works are often created by some of the most successful and credited writers and producers in Hollywood, and many films and television pilots have been incubated and developed via this ensemble.

Most recently Mark filmed “One For The Road” in Spain and Mexico. An Anthony Bourdain style look at the world from the bartender’s perspective. He will soon be seen as ‘Dustin’ in Ursula Dabrowsky’s ‘The Devil’s Work’.


Mark has also been screen writing professionally since 2006. That year he was funded by Screen Australia to produce his first short film, “Destinations” which went on to garner five nominations in the South Australian Short Screen Awards, including Best Writer. 

His first full length feature screenplay was submitted to a South Australian Film Corperation script incubator, and won Mark a place in a screen-writing intensive workshop with writer/producer Stephen Cleary. That feature “First Timers” was later optioned by South Australian film company Spinning Mirror.


Mark wrote and produced two online New Media series “Shakespeare’s - The Villains” and “Villiosophy” which earned him his WGA membership.


In 2018 Mark wrote a spec feature “The Beautiful Game” which was a second round consideration for the Sundance Feature Film Development Track. It has been well received by many industry professionals and is currently being shopped for production. 

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Mark’s directorial debut was the above mentioned short film “Destinations”. Along with his Best Writer nomination was a nomination for Best Director at the 2006 South Australian Short Screen Awards. He was also a finalist for his film “Creative Man” produced for the Diet Coke Short Film Festival.

During the 2010 Adelaide Fringe, Mark directed a run of the Cohen Brother’s play “Almost an Evening” for Accidental Productions. He also oversaw the venue in which the company staged it’s entire 2010 Fringe Season, earning a Fringe Award Nomination for Best Venue.

Mark has most recently been the resident Creative Director of Drama at Adelaide Artist Management where he heads the Acting program. Teaching classes in audition technique, script analysis, character creation, and voice and body technique. He has also tutored students privately focusing on individual creative expression and skill development. He also coaches actors privately for auditions and helps actors prepare self-tapes for casting. 

Mark has also taught acting workshops both in Australia and the United States, with some of his clients being St. Peter’s Girls College, Los Angeles High School, and Marion Swim Club. These holistic workshops help improve confidence, self-esteem and communication skills for both actors and non-actors alike. For more information contact

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Name:                    Role:        Director:            Production Company:


The Devil’s Work         Lead         Ursula Dabrowsky     Saylavee Productions

One For The Road         Lead         Amanda Connolly      Anchored Minds

Sunday                   Lead         Nick Matthews        Projector Films

Bread Story              Lead         Mark Fantasia        Independent

Room 8                   Lead         Craig Behenna        Independent

Creative Man             Lead         Mark Fantasia        Diet Coke Films

Sex, Drugs & Hospitality Supporting   Michael Connolly     Anchored Minds

Western Religion         Supporting   James O'Brien        3rd Partner Productions

Real Love                Supporting   Dan Levy Dagerman    AFI

Oranges and Sunshine     Supporting   Jim Loach            SeeSaw Films

Death of a Bogan         Supporting   Nick Matthews        Projector Films

Closed for Winter        Supporting   James Bogle          Essential Pictures    

Hey Hey It's Esther

Blue Burger              Supporting   Cathy Randall        120db Films

Destinations             Writer       Mark Fantasia        Raw Nerve Films



The Tourist              Recurring    Daniel Nettheim      Stan/BBC/HBO


The Villains             Recurring    Jen Kuhn             Unmarked Films

Villiosophy              Recurring    Jen Kuhn             Kulu Productions

Bloomers                 Guest        Tim Russ             Nikhedonia Ent.



Almost An Evening        Lead         Dee Easton           Accidental Productions

Worlds End               Lead         Joh Hartog           Accidental Productions

The Shape of Things      Lead         Kerri Foulstone      Accidental Productions

The God of Hell          Lead         Corey McMahon        Drama Centre

BeckettWorks             Lead         John Green           Drama Centre

Bred To Perfection       Ensemble     Joh Hartog           Accidental Productions

Flight                   Ensemble     Tim Maddock          Drama Centre

Features of Blown Youth  Ensemble     Corey McMahon        Drama Centre

Seven Seconds: 

In God We Trust          Ensemble     Joh Hartog           Accidental Productions

Lady From The Sea        Ensemble     Kerri Foulstone      Drama Centre

Psycho Beach Party       Ensemble     Catherine Fitzgerald Drama Centre

Nabucco                  Supporting   David Freeman        State Opera of S.A.

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mark fantasia

Actor • Writer • Director

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